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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 15, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> all right. okay. >> name one thing that barack obama has going for him because his record is a cafast fee is the osama bin laden kill. he will make it all about that-- all right. thank you. greta's next. see you tomorrow night. >> tonight. >> so, mr. president, take your campaign, the division and anger and hate back to chicago. >> greta: what got under governor mitt romney's skin? could it have something to do with this? >> unchain wall street. they are going to put you back in chains. >> greta: you talk congressional candidate mia love said that remark ignites hatred. she's here and paul ryan calling the obama campaign, desperate. hear what else he has to say and donald trump. >> this is a very vicious campaign, waged against mitt romney and the republicans.
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vicious. >> greta: so how should the republicans fight back? donald trump is here with his answer to that question and much more. but first, former u.s. intelligence and special forces members taking on their commandener chief. they're blasting president obama for taking credit for killing osama bin laden and they are blaming him for national security leaks. what is their plan of attack? a media campaign. take a look at part of their new film. >> it was a good thing. it may have denied -- the iranians from getting their nuclear capability for a year or two t. worked. it was a good deal. it was a good operation. why the hell talk about it? >> this administration willfully leaked information, allowing our enemies to learn more of our crets and our operations. >> our technology is easy. other countries have drone, other countries are building drones. so i think that we set a bad -- a profoundly bad precedent by
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making the decision and leaking the information that the president himself is using drone technology and deciding who will die. >> if hione piece of advice for this administration, it would be the same thing that the former secretary of defense bob gates said -- shut the "f" up. >> greta: a member of the special operations group behind the film is here. nice to see you, fred. >> good to be here, greta. >> greta: fred, tell me, what got everyone sort of together to do this? is it an organization? whose idea was this? >> there was a dozen of us that came together. mostly the special operations fellows took the lead. we formed a 501 nonprofit, educational fund. we basically just had enough of these leaks. so we came together and decided to do something about it. >> greta: is it more the leaks eye know some people have said that president obama took credit that he shouldn't have taken credit for.
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but he did make the decision to go. but is -- so is it the leaks that have provoked this more than the taking credit? >> yeah. it's the leaks. the leaks are time immemorial on classified information. they come with a large variety of motivations. guys get mad. they don't like their bosses. they want to get back to the country. there are lots of reasons and motivation for leaking information. but in the last year or so, these things have really spiked in this administration. we are very concerned that this is going to cost american lives. it's going to cost american prayings similar to the obama raid. we won't be able to use the same sources and methods and they are going to dry up and people are going to get killed if these leaks continue.
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>> greta: i know your background because i prepared for the segment. but your background is know a filmmaker. you are former cia, is that correct? >> yes, i'm forminger cia, that's right. >> greta: the other members of your group, are they also former intelligence officers or special ops people? >> both. there are about three or four former cia and the rest are a mix of special operations people. fields, delta force marines, special forces guys. >> greta: where will you distribute this? >> it's out today. it's out today. today was the launch date of our video. it's a 22 or 23-minute documentary. it was released today for the first time. it seems like it's going viral already. we're hoping that this will form
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the basis for a... an operation by us to try to stop these leaks from occurring. we want to become like a watchdog organization over this administration and any subsequent administrations. >> >> greta: do you give president obaman any credit in this operation? i realize that the navy seals actually executed, combined with lots of backup from years and years of work. but do you give him any credit? >> i give him credit for egg, yeah, go ahead. i think he would have suffered politically if he had said no. so i think it was an easy decision to make. but i do give him credit for listening to his military and deciding to capture them. but i don't give him credit for coming out in the hours after the capture and announcing it to the world like -- like it was all his doing... and -- and denying us this
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treasured trove of secrets, of classified information that were in that compound that we could have exploited. the answer should have been, no comment. that's what it -- that's what it was in the agency years ago. that's what it should be again. >> greta: i suppose you recognize the timing, we near an election cycle, down to the wire, people will wonder if you are funded by governor romney or his supporters? are you? >> we are not. we are want. >> greta: where are you getting your funding for this? >> from donations to 501. right now, it's a 501. there are doinations from individual who is feel strongly as we do that this stuff has to stop. this is jeop digs operations, future operations and putting our special forces their lives at risk. this is big stuff. this is not petty stuff. >> greta: we are on the web. where on the web can people find
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this? >> it's www.... help me out here. www.... >> greta: i'm sure it's on the lower third. >> www-- dishonorable disclosures. google it. >> greta: i didn't know. but i wanted to find out. anyway, fred, thank you. >> you are very welcome. >> greta: now to the vice-presidential showdown. reaching a fever pitch. joe biden starting an uproar with this comment. >> he said in the first hundred days he's going to let the big banks against again write their own rules -- unchain wall street! he is going to put you back in chains. >> greta: now vice-presidential candidate paul ryan firing back, calling the vice-president's remarks desperate.
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and we have a woman running for congress here. nice to see you, mayor? >> nice to see you, greta. >> greta: all right. mayor, you have some problems with him, i know a lot of people do, with the vice-president's comments. what's your objection? >> well, i have to tell you, i am not a victim. joe biden's comments dont affect me. however, i happening it's time for americans to stand up and say, we are not going to allow this administration to divide us any longer. we are not going to allow them to ignite hatred among feelingo americans. we have to say we are not going to stand for this in appropriate language. >> greta: i am sure you know, the obama campaign has responded and stephanie cutter has said that vice-president biden was referencing comebs by leading republican who is say the support unshackling the private sector from -- and it goes on and on. but that was the reference. it was not meant in the context imfg sinister or covert or meant
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to divide. >> well, then, it's okay to disagree. let's have a conversation about regulation. let's talk about regulation. why doesn't he talk about regulation is good, i mean, these -- these comments we know were meant to ignite that tread. we know it was done for political gain. i think it's time for the american people to say, you know, this is not appropriate. i think it's disrespect to the office, which he holds. >> greta: give me your impression of this campaign so far. both campaigns. the election -- the two sides? >> the presidential election. i think that mitt romney made a clear statement to the american people that he is going to focus on the economy. he is going to focus on issues and he is going to focus on the debt that is looming over our children's head by picking paul ryan, the leader of these issues. so i think that thereby there are a lot of people understanding what mitt romney will do and what his focus will
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be for the american people. so i support that. i know utah suspects that also. >> greta: let me turn to your campaign. i understand the speaker of the house, john boehner has been helping you. what's going on there? >> well, john boehner came identity. we are so happy that he came out to support this campaign. he knows that, you know, my opponent came in with $1 million. we have been able to raise money, stay toe to toe with him, the last quarter. but we have to close the gap and not allow the outside liberal groups to buy this race and so, he is making a statement as i am, that everyone needs to get on board. go to the web site. do everything they can to make a clear statement to the president and those who sent the president, that we are no longer going to stand for these tactics. we are going to allow the economy to grow and to create jobs and practice fiscal discipline and written our country back. hope and change doesn't lie with washington. hoot lies with us and i need everyone to stand up with me.
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>> greta: you are challenging an incumbent. this an open seat? >> it's an open seat. >> greta: oh, it is? >> it is -- no, it is. he can't voted for himself. as a matter of fact, he lives in the second district. he has decided to jump into the fourth district. i live in the fourth district. we are going to make sure that we get the main out to the fourth district that we are going to get the economy back in order and work on the debt and instill personal responsibility back into the american people. >> greta: you are going to be at the convention? mayor? >> we will. i'm a national delegate. utah supports mitt romney and paul ryan. i am going to go and represent utah, supporting mitt romney and paul ryan. >> greta: mayor, thank you very much. we will be in touch. >> thank you. >> greta: this week, the campaign trail, leading straight to iowa and small business
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owners have a message for president obama, in a letter, they are telling the president, yes, we do build it, mr. president. no, mr. president, the private sector is want doing fine. the romney campaign is circulating a letter written by 16 business owners. we have one of them, the owner of an being business. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you very much, greta. >> greta: all right. whose idea to write the letter? >> well, the letter was the idea of several of us, it's one of those that after the president came out with his comments, regarding that, it was truly, you know, we were all -- you know, several of us and i myself was truly offended by the statements that he made, regarding the frye free enterprise system that made this country great. >> of the people on the list, i know you are a life-long republican. are any of the signatureies people who voted for president
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obam in '08. >> i will be honest, i don't know the answer to that question. i know a few of these people, but a lot of them, i don't. it's one of those things where the call went out, saying what small business people do we know that are in disagreement with the president's statement that, you know, all it takes is hard work? it takes more than that to be successful. it takes an entrepreneurial spirit. that's what made the country great and that's what will return the country to greatness. they put the word out and these are the people that came forward and said, yes, i want to sign something, telling the presidents, he doesn't understand what made this country great. >> greta: okay. there is what he said, which obviously, has made a lot of people unhappy who disagree with him. there is what he said and then there is what he has done or not done. now, you are know accountant. you have your own business. but you deal with other businesses. let me go to the doing aspect of it.
7:14 pm
has he done anything or failed to do anything that would have greatly helped your economy and your business and the people who you do accounting for, to rev up their businesses? >> well, i tell people all the time, the best thing for my personal business is the -- you know, legislative and regulatory environment that this president has created. every time they come out with new legislation, it has to do with taxes. i call it the cpa job guarantee act because every time you turn around, there is more and more burden, coming on my clients and my friends and the entrepreneurs of this country, with everything, the prime example i like to git give is the 1099 reporting that was part of obamacare. oh, my gosh! i was putting the word out to anybody who would lich to me, that this is a train, coming down the tracks. >> greta: you know, i hadn't thought about -- every time there is a change in the rules or the new regulations, it is a
7:15 pm
job guarantee for accountants. in a twisted way thelps your business, but it hurts your clients. >> absolutely. i tell people all the time, you know, i would love to go to a flat-tax or even as they're compressing -- it's always tax reform, but it is never simplified. vifour daughters at home. if we could truly simplify the irs regulation to make their lives easier, i would give up my career and find something tolls do if i ever thought it would happen. >> greta: do you believe that that will happen, you know, candidates always say they are going to do this? do you believe that governor mitt romney, if he is presidents, that he dolled that? -- that he dolled that? >> that he would do that? >> i do believe that. we are back to a presidential camcandidate in governor romney who understands, it's the entrepreneurial spirit that has made it great.
7:16 pm
president obama said in his comments, everybody works hard. if everybody was working hard, we would be blacksmiths and printers in the original 13 colonies, but it was the risk-taking, going over the appalachians and across the continent, inventing the light bulb, it's always that risk-taking that made us great. i do think that governor romney understands that. obviously, by the president's statement, i do not think he does. >> greta: david, thank you. and straight ahead... >> thank you, greta. >> hang on to power. ouch! >> greta: that's rough. byron york is here to talk about that next one. and donald trump , does he have his eye on a cabinet job with president romney, if he's elected? which job would donald trump want? hear from donald trump himself. remember that lavish judge's conference plan for hawaii?
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irksz the campaign trail is on fire. mitt romney lit into president obama. >> so, mr. president... take your campaign, the division and anger and hate back to chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting america. >> greta: that's not all. gr romney also accusing president obama of running just to hang on to power. the obama campaign describing governor romney's claimings as unhinged. yes, this is a food fight. washington examiner's byron york is here. a little bit mean? >> a little more serious than a food fight, i think. this is really rough. i don't think i have any problem with criticizing whichever side goes over the line. but i think the obama campaign has been the bigger offender. you see in what governor romney was saying last night, you can see the frustration inside the
7:22 pm
romney campaigmney has been accg a felon. they said he lied on legal papers about when he left bain capital. he has been accused by senator harry reid of not pay anything taxes for a decade. he has no evidence of that at all. he has been accused of complicity of the death of a woman who worked for a company that was owned by bain. with this thing with joe biden, maybe it was nothing, but it sounded like republicans were going to put people back in chains or black people back in chains. and finally, i think the romney campaign snapped and got mad. and carl ramcameron reported that mitt romney wrote that speech himself and wrote it and put it on the teleprompter himself. >> greta: i am a little bit surprised that president obama is not rising above this more n. 2008, he was able to draw so
7:23 pm
many crowd and it is idea of hope and change, thnt sort of down and dirty and fighting. i mean, it's exactly the opposite. i mean, it doesn't feel president yell, it feels like a brawl. >> it is. and it is small stuff. i was surprised when he brought up the shamis the dog story again, in his three-day swing -- >> greta: as much as i love dogs and i don't like the dog on the roof, i don't mind that one, because have you governor romney taking a jab, taking it back to willing and chicago politics. that's a little -- there is some jabbing on both sides. >> the interesting thing is here, even though i think the obama campaign has been the bigger offender, the question for romney is how to respond. when you accuse the president himself of running a campaign of hate, is that too amped?
7:24 pm
so the romney campaign wants to have surrogates and up to paul ryan, the vice-presidential cappedidate. i am not sure it's a great idea to have mitt romney himself accusing the president of running a campaign of hate, i thought that was a good tactic because it was like, enough is enough. i am in charge here. i am going to say it. i am going to step up to the plate and say, stop t. i thought that tactically -- although, i would have liked to have seen governor romney do the same thing about the super pacs in the primary. he said, i have nothing do todo with it. i would have liked to have seen him say enough is enough there. >> i have had a number of republicans tell me they really want to see romney hit book and hit back hard. i number of them will say, going back to the primary, they will say, i want him to go after barack obama with all the energy
7:25 pm
he went after newt gingrich and in florida, the romney campaign was really tough on newt gingrich. >> greta: a week from now, is this going to be tougher, meaner, rougher? >> other than a boxing ring, i am wondering what can they do? i think both campaigns will want to dial it back and start jabbing each other on things like medicare and other issues and the deficit and jobs and things like that. maybe stop some of this -- he killed my wife or -- put people in chapes and all of that stuff. >> greta: byron, thanks. >> thank you,. >> greta: up next, donald trump, if governor mitt romney becomes president and says, you are hired. does donald trump have his eye on a cabinet job? that's next. he did it again, what did vice-president joe biden say now? does he wish he could take back? you have to hear this. and you will.
7:26 pm
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>> donald trump has called the presidential campaign vicious and worse than the 2008 campaign waged against secretary of state hillary clinton. here's donald trump. nice talk to you, sir. >> hello, greta. >> greta: let me go straight to your twitter account and one of your most recent twits is, i am really glad that mitt romney no longer said what a nice guy barack obama is. do you want to go beyond that
7:30 pm
and tell us what you mean? >> i am so happy about it. for a period of time, mitt was saying, he's a fine man, he's a wonderful man. and frankly, you know, based on this campaign, on hillary's campaign, on other campaigns he has run over the years, it is not so. i think mitt sees that. i haven't heard him say that, maybe he does, but i haven't heard him say that over the last few weeks and i am very happy about that. so are a lot of other people. >> so if he's not a, quote, fine man, what is he? >> he's somebody who will say some very nasty things. he is not the nice person that some people think. his popularity rating, while high, i think if people knew the facts, the rating would be extremely low. >> greta: do you do you make then, there is a huge gender gap, if you say the people don't necessarily like president obottom ai think the gender gap in the women polls show that the women really do like him,
7:31 pm
vis-a-vis governor ryan? >> maybe they don't know him. maybe neigh don't get what is going o. i think this won't be a popularity contest, this is a contest based on jobs. it will get down, that last month, tell get down to jobs. if you look at the $716 billion out of medicare by the obama administration. if you look at what is going on, i think when it comes out, it is going to be a lot of things are going to be neutralized. but it will get down to how is the economy and the answer is want good. and how is unemployment? they say 8.3, but the real number's probably 16% and some people could say 21% because that's the real number. it is not 8.3%. it's 16 and possibly 21%. that's cast catastrophic. i think the president -- it will be a close race, but i think that the president has a problem in the numbers don't improve and you don't have much time to
7:32 pm
improve them. >> greta: when you talk about 16 or 20, you are talk about this under employed and people who are disillusioned. one number that correlates is the african-american unemployment rate. if you look at how many african-americans are looking forrions and can't get jobs. that compared to the national average of 8.2 is 14.1%. what -- how can he win with a 14.1% unemployment rate and get that vote? >> that's an amazing number. it is much higher than that because you are corerating it to the 8.3 and that's not a correct number either. so the number would be close to 30%. that number is just crazy. and almost to a point where you would say, how can somebody, if you are african-american, how you can vote for the man? he's let you down. he has really let you know. >> greta: in terps of the african-american, i am sure that you know that the gaffe -- actually the campaign is not
7:33 pm
calling it a gaffe, the republican campaign is calling it a gaffe of vice-president bide whoan said to a predominantly african-american community in virginia, putting you back in chains. and there was some gasps and boos and some cheering. but there has been a left talk about it in the last two hours. what do you think? >> i think it's a terrible statement. i think it's something that probably he wished he didn't say. but he was not reprimanded or stopped. they backed him up 100%. look, this is a very vicious campaign that is being waged against mitt romney and the republicans. vicious. and if the republicans are not going on fight back and fight with fire -- because if you are not going to fight fire with fire, it is not a very good picture. they are going to have to get very, very tough and be very, very smart, which they are -- and they have to go out there and do it. if they don't have to be politically correct, they shouldn't be politically correct. i will tell what you, what he said about chains and what other people have said about other
7:34 pm
things are vicious. have you never heard language like this. this is worse than hillary. hillary was one of the worst, meanest campaigns wage against hillary clinton, ever. in fact, they say it was number 1, in the anuls of our country. this is making it look like baby talk. the republicans are going to have to be very, very smart and very, very tough. >> greta: governor eye mean, palestinian last night "on the record," and senator john mccain have both said that vice-president biden, they think that president obama should find someone else to run with him as vice-president. in fact, governor sarah palin went further and said, if he wanted to win, president obama should pick secretary of state hillary clinton? >> i watched the show and i watched sarah and i think she's terrific. she is a terrific person. her husband's a great guy. i was a little surprised she said that because, frankly that,
7:35 pm
gives people ideas. maybe it would be an even tougher race. i was a little surprised that she said it. who knows? but i have a great respect for her. i really think that, you know, she has been a very, very poorly treated person by the media, unfairly treated, really unfairly treated because i have got tone know her well and she's a great person. >> greta: what do you think of congressman paul ryan? is he a good tactically, good addition to the ticket or not? >> well, i will tell you this, he has energized the party. people that were obviously going to vote for mitt are really now energized and want to do it even more so. that's a great thing. he is obviously bringing some things up that should be brought up and have to be brought up. people are questioning -- they think it was a pretty bold -- and i think it was, it was a pretty bold choice. but i have watched him the last three or four days, the republican party is totally energized. so this that sense, i think it's
7:36 pm
very good. >> greta: who is going to win? >> i think that mitt romney is going to win. i think it's going to be close. i think when it gets down to it, it will be about the economy and jobs. obviously, the record on jobs and the record on the economy is dismal and i think that the republicans are going to win and i being that mitt romney is going to be your next president. >> greta: in the swing states, which are the states that that we are looking to see, which are so important to both candidates and tickets. there are at least, indian aohio and virginia. unemployment rates below the 8.3%. now, they have republican governors. but nonetheless, the numbers, i realize, if you are unemployed, you don't care what the number is in your state. but your thoughts on that? >> they all have republican governors and the states are doing much better. possibly, though, people are not going to be remembering the republican governor. they are going to maybe, maybe it makes it harder to win those states. but they see what is happening to the country.
7:37 pm
they so what china is doing and opec is doing and what every country is doing. we don't have a country that we do business with, where we are deal doing well. everybody takes advantage of the patsy. we are viewed as the patsy, the foolish, stupid, use any word you want to use, a real weak, ineffective group of people and group of leaders. so i think whether they have low or high unemployment, they look at the country and they see what is happening and i think that the republican candidate in the name of mitt romney is going to win. >> greta: all right. suppose you couldn't run your business enterprise at all. suppose that governor mitt romney is elected president. you could pick any job in the administration. what do you think donald trump would be best suited for and enjoy most? >> first of all, i am not looking for a job. >> greta: i know you are not. what would be intriguing to you? >> i happening i would be a great job at secretary of commerce because i wouldn't let clina rip us off and india and
7:38 pm
all of these countries that are taking advantage and very intelligently from their standpoint, but noteurs. but i wouldn't let opec, i wouldn't let some of these countries that just laugh at our stupidity, they won't be laughing. so i think i would be great as secretary of commerce, if have you to know. but i really love what i am doing. i run a big business. it is doing great. i love what i am doing. but if you asked me that question, secretary of commerce, i would do such a great job. >> greta: all right. donald, thank you. see you at the convention. >> very good, greta. thank you. >> greta: coming up, what is the media's total focus on the campaign, if you said jobs, health care or the economy, you would guess wrong. the media's also talking fashion. now it's the men's turn. is that a good thing? blogers are having fun with this one. now it is your turn to join in the fun, that's next. in two minutes, remember the lavish judge's conference
7:39 pm
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>> greta: a supreme court justice is playing defense lawyer. what is justice kennedy defending isn't million-dollar conference in hawaii? that's right. the one that you are paying for. republicans called for the cancellation of the conference, but the judges said no. now their convention has started. justice kennedy spoke at the opening ceremony. he spent most of his speech defending the conference in its tropical location, saying in part, it is important that this conference meet frequently in hawaii. there is a loveliness, even a loneliness in the pacific that makes it fitting foritous research in -- search in quiet for the elegance and the beauty of the law. this is an annual event.
7:42 pm
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call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> greta: the fashion police target the campaign trail. is it fair? but first, let's go to the new york news and ainsley earhardt standing by with the headlines. >> thank you. new information about the man accused of shooting a guard at the offices of the family research counsel in washington. d.c. police are saying that floyd corkins made negative remarks about the group's work before he opened fire. he volunteered in a gay community center. the family research council opposes gay marriage. the guard is recovering from a bullet wound to the arm. no one else was injured. thousands of illegal immigrants hoping a new program will help them stay in the country. the federal program could help as many as a million qualified
7:45 pm
illegal immigrants avoid diportation t. applies to young, illegal imgran who is have lived in the u.s. at least five years and have high school diplomas. now back to "on the record" with greta. >> greta: okay. you might have fun with this one. if you think the candidates are too busy to talk substance -- how about the media? you would think they have plenty to report on, right? but some are focusing on something else -- fashion. they usually target the women. vice-presidential candidate sarah palin was shown wearing very short shorts and then the leg shot, the shot between the leg. and plenty of comments about then presidential candidate hillary clinton's hair. but now it is governor rom scprom paul ryan, being put to the style test. the washington post showing a rear-view photo of the runningmate on gretawire. you are having a great time with it. one viewer saying, i am looking at the butt.
7:46 pm
nice butt. serious business here. here's another. as a woman, i think it's very nice shot, equal rights for women. another says, they do need better tailor, that's a fact. one woman declared paul ryan, the hottest v.p. pick ever. lots of fun. byron york is back for this all-important topic. your thought? finally, the men are getting the same attention that the women get. >> the first thing to point out, there is no woman on the ticket this time. so, you know, if mitt romney had picked kelley ayotte or nikki haley, i am sure we would see articles about their fashion choices. what can you say? the new york times and the washington post did pieces about paul ryan's suit today. you have to wonder, is that the most important thing they can take about? >> greta: what i like most of all -- this is the style section. >> it is.
7:47 pm
>> greta: this is not the front page. but when i saw this, they were getting a good look at the back side of the two men and talking about their fashion, how they looked, i thought, you know what? maybe we do have equal rights now. >> probably so. i mean, it's really interesting, on the trail how casually most candidates dress these days. back in the primary, the only candidate who would show up in a suit and tie regularly was newt gingrich. back in '08, rudy guiliani always went everywhere in his full mayor outfit, the coat and the tie. but these days, you know, mitt romney wears blue jeans, open-neck shirt. the president is out in khakis and a sports shirt, going through iowa. it's a very casual campaign trail. greta: the viewers got a picture of president obama throwing the first pitch in the all-star game. he had mom jeans on. so he gotoon early taste of the criticism and the fashion thing.
7:48 pm
they made fun of his jeans then. this article is written cleverly and says at one point tlooked lyle like paul ryan had flown in hours before, mistakenly picked up someone else's suitcase, rumpled, slightly sloppy and looked like he is a rumpled think-tank policy sort of guy. >> that's when he is, mast. and the other thing is that they're not trying to dress like hipsters or dress like -- you know, a thousand-dollar-an hour lawyer in new york. they are going out to iowa. they are going to wisconsin, where paul ryan is from. there is no way they want to be outdressed in some really fancy, expensive outfit. >> greta: i am dying to see if they change their part. we are really going to go after that one. anyway, byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: taking on president obama over illegal immigration
7:49 pm
again. governor brewer issuing an executive order, telling state agencies, they must deny benefits to illegal immigrants, despite a new obama administration program, that allows undocumented youth to stay in the country. but governor brewer said they will not be considered lawful citizens in arizona so they cannot get driver's license and public benefits like state-subsidized child air and unemployment. stay with us for the latest. straight ahead, another one for vice-president joe biden's blooper reel. you know what he said yesterday, but he may have topped himself today. you will hear it, coming up. also, what happened here? it is not a sight air travelers want to see. but it is not what you think. we'll explain the bizarre scene, next. [ angela ] endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at d lobster.
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>> greta: you have seen our top stories, but her's the best of the rest. obviously, we are well into the 21st century. but joe biden might want to clear that one up with his advisers. >> once again, general motor, the largest automobile maker in the world -- folks, where is it written we can not lead the world in the 20th century in making automobile? i have not seen it written
7:54 pm
anywhere. >> uh-oh, wrong century, mr. vice-president. but anyone can make a mike mistake like that. two planes suddenly collide. but it is not what you think. these planes were not in the air. but they got all tangled up. the larger jet was being towed and the tow bar broke, sending the big jet into the smaller plane. no one got hurt, but the repair bill will be painful. tell cost at least $100,000 to get the planes back in the air. the car repair shop is not irish tradition. when you pull into this ohio business, they are all decked out in kilts. the owner says it is not the irish family is not the primary reason. it gets hot in the summer. and you guessed it -- they have no air conditioning. so they say the kilts keep them cool. no word if any of their competitors caught on. here have you it, the best of the rest. coming up, should paul ryan back off attacking obama's record on
7:55 pm
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it's quality you can hear and feel. that's the power of german engineering. right now during the autobahn for all event get great deals on a 2012 jetta. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash the studio lights, it's time for last call. is paul ryan too quick to attack president obama's record on creating jobs? >> campaign news, yesterday, mitt romney's presidential vice president pick paul yin criticized the president for not doing enough to create jobs. yeah. in response obama was like uh, didn't you just get a new job? thank me later, buddy. what is your problem? >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. we're going to see you tomorrow night, right? in the meantime go to greta there is


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